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Everyone was once a kid and had tons of dreams; dream to be an actor, dream to be a pilot or even the superman. However, do you still remember the little but passionate dream you used to have when you were 6 years old?

When life becomes a struggle and reality breathes down your neck with nowhere to breathe, all you can do is just taking all these grievances and swallow them down. Life becomes 10 insipid hours of work a day just for feeding your family; it is nothing but a torture of repetition.

I was a chief mechanical engineer of a plastic-injection machinery corporation. I used to work 12 hours a day in average just to make a slightly higher salary. One day I woke up and realized my life was fading and it freaked me out:O I will be living a life of repetition doing exactly the same thing I had been doing everyday if I don’t make a change. Where did all my dreams go? So I quit my job; took a long vacation for 6 months in search of what I really wanted to do. Being a heavy internet user, and a creative person, I found that sometimes I came up with some cooler and better ideas than the already bountiful cool things and useful tools on the web. So I figured, “ Why not do this for my job? ” Maybe I can be the next facebook! That’s the power of internet that no other else can give. Therefore I did an insightful research and analysis. I decided to follow my dreams and establish this firm.

I’ve always liked the line in the movie Forrest Gump . “ Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get. ” Instead of sitting here wondering if it is worth taking the risk, I’ve chosen to give myself a chance so that I won’t have any regrets. All it needs is just a little bit of adventurous spirit and a further step. So, if you feel the way I feel, simply join us and begin your adventure!

I love trying new things :)

Hi, my name is Ben, I am a creative person that does not like to always follow the existing rules. So I established DreamersLab since 2009 and try to do something fun and has the potential to make money out of it. Because life is not only about money and other materials, it is more about the joy and fun, money is only the extra value that comes with it. It becomes my motivation to establish my own practice that can satisfied both of them.

Starting a business is not an easy task; there are both gives and takes to drive the business on track. The hardest part is not trying to catch up with the latest technology comes up every single day, but to persist the dream that pushes me at the beginning to jump into this field. So don’t let anybody tell you what to do or what not to do, because I believe that the only way to be successful is to believe in what you do!

Begin A New Developer Career!!!

Hello, my name is Fred. I’ve never studied programming from infancy to maturity. The day I graduated from college, my dad who start a small software company asked me “No matter what do you want to do for a living, would you try to learn programming first?”,then I thought “If I don’t try, I’ll never know.”. So after I was demobilized, I started to learn programming in my father’s company.

From Visual FoxPro to web pages. From back-end to front-end. Then I fell in love with front-end developing. After that, I made a simple web page which made my life more convenient. In the end, I became a addict to making things by programming. Although switching to a new career is really toilsome and new technology come out everyday, I never regretted. Because I like making things by coding. Although I still get tired everyday, I am always in a good mood.

I failed and feel depressed everyday, but when falling down, I would lie on the floor for a while, enjoy seeing stars in the sky, then get up and sprint.

Pursuing hardcore software

Hi, my name is Mason. Previously I worked as a hardware engineer in a PC manufacturing company where we developed motherboards for our customers. Although we did use some EDA tools during the development processes, there was still a lot of tedious work that needs to be done by human inefficiently, so I started to write programs in order to automate the processes and I picked ruby as the main language because there was also a need to write a website.

As I keep on writing programs and solving problems, finally I become a full time software engineer. To my surprise, during the transition, I come to understand that software engineering is more than just programming, many subjects and lessons emerge far beyond my original prospective. However, I still love programming because I want to develop useful software to make life and work simpler.

I believe, less trouble means more happiness, and it is such happiness that I am looking for whatever software product I am developing.