How to setup a node.js development environment on Windows

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Install node.js

It’s easy to install node.js on Windows, just go to node.js official site and download Windows installer, then execute the installer. Congratulations!!! You successfully installed node.js on Windows!!!
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Write a todo list with Express and MongoDB

A todo list website is a good practice to learn a programing language or a framework. It shows you how to create, read, update and delete records. In this post we are going to use Express as our application framework and MongoDB as our data store.

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Comparing 6 Project Management Tools

Project Management

I would like to describe the solutions I want to use before comparing, here’s my ideal solution:

  • Easy to manage my members, including adding, removing and manage the authority of members.
  • Easy to add, modify, remove and discuss about tasks and issues, even can add tasks and issues by email. And the tasks and issue have to be displayed clearly.
  • Has a gantt and calendar to let member see all projects at a glance.
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node.js events

Javascript is an event driven language and this is the most important thing that makes node.js an awesome toolkits. Javascript works like human. For example if there are 5 things to do, they are

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Javascript callbacks

What is a callback? A callback is a function to be executed after another function is executed. Sounds tongue-twisted? Normally if you want to call function do_b after function do_a the code looks something like

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Javascript call and apply

For a long time javascript call and apply have been really confusing me. I neither know when to use it nor what are the differences between these two.

Basically call and apply invoke the function and switch the function context with the first argument. The main difference between these two is with call the rest arguments are passed to the calling function and those arguments have to be listed explicitly. However with apply the amount of arguments don’t have to be predefined. we can pass in an array.

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Javascript `this`

What is `this` in javascript?

We’ve talked about scopes and closures, this points to the current scope object. In client side the highest scope is window and in node.js the highest scope is the global objects.

Javascript is a pretty free language. You can either code in functional programming style or object oriented programming style. With functional programming you pass variables and callbacks around. this is quite useless. However with OOP this is a must.

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Javascript function scopes and closures

Javascript uses function as scope. Declare a function inside another function creates a different scope. Let’s look at the example code below.

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npm basic commands

The most commonly used npm commands

After setting up n node.js development environment, you need to know some basic commands of node package manager npm. The followings are the most commonly used ones.

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node.js basics

Learning the basics of javascript and node.js


After setting up the node.js development environment and know some common uses of npm commands. It’s time to learn the basics of javascript and node.js.

Examples and source

Examples and source are available on github

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