Category: jQuery

Google image search style image alignment with jQuery Atteeeeention plugin

A jQuery plugin that gives you a google image search style image alignment Description If you have a image gallery with different width and height for each image, your page may look messy. Use this plugin to align your gallery … Continue reading

jQuery blockUI alternative with jQuery MSG plugin

A alternative jQuery plugin for jQuery blockUI Description Back in the old days we use ‘alert(‘blah blah’);’ to show users a message or a warning. It is functionable but not pretty. So I used to use BlockUI instead. Later on … Continue reading

Centralize HTML DOM element with jQuery Center plugin

A jQuery plugin that centralizes DOM element Description This simple plugin helps you centralize your DOM element against their parent element or the window. You can also specify the top of the DOM element by passing customized settings. Demo Click … Continue reading

Javascript loose coupling with jQuery Queue plugin

A jQuery plugin that Make your Javascript application more flexible Description Javascript is an event-driven programming language. Therefore with heavy frontend applications your code is easy to have nested callbacks. And this make your code less flexible. With jQuery Queue … Continue reading

Hide Javascript global objects with jQuery Secret plugin

jQuery Secret is a plugin that prevent creating global objects Description Global objects are evil in javascript. Global data can be accessed by every script on the same page. They are easily to be overwritten, especially when you mix your … Continue reading

Get hidden elements width and height with jQuery

A jQuery plugin that gets the actual width of hidden DOM elements Description Older version of jQuery has trouble finding the width/height of invisible DOM elements. With element or its parent element has css property ‘display’ set to ‘none’. $(‘.hidden’).width(); … Continue reading

Preload images with jQuery Preload plugin

A jQuery plugin that preloads images Description There are times that we need to preload images to bring better user experience. You will not want your users to wait for 2 seconds when they hover their mouse over the navigation … Continue reading