The truth about SEO

The truth about SEO is that you don’t need SEO “YET”


Back in 2 years ago when I just start this company , I was really interested in SEO. Therefore I made this site to try out all the SEO skills including building back links, friendly url, using no follow links, heading tag for important content, prevent using table layout ….. etc. I can tell you there is only one rule that never changes. That is`BACK LINKS`. It’s like when you modify a car, you change the tire, the air filter, and the minifold. You would still not feel the difference. But if you put on a turbo, I bet you can feel your car flying!!! Back links are just like the turbo for SEO if you use it in the right way.

The experiment site is basically what we call `content farm` these days. Most of the posts were not written by me. I pick some keywords on google and take the first 3 search result posts; cut them into several pieces an re-organize them into one post. At the very end of the post I listed all the 3 posts as my references. Because wordpress will auto ping back the original post. Therefore you have a back link from the original post. If you are lucky, the original post might have a sidebar that shows the recent comments. This means all his posts will have a back links to your post. You can easily have thousands of back links with this technic.

The page rank of my site jump to 4 from 0 in 2 months. Many of my posts became the top search result on google including `土豆網`(, `優酷網`( and more. It’s really interesting that my site even has a higher position than the site itself. I’ve stopped updating this site 1 year ago and now some of the posts still sits on the first page of google.

Why do I say you don’t need SEO yet? In fact that the most important thing is you MUST have good content first. Otherwise no matter how you use these technic to drive traffic to your site. Those visitors WILL jump right after landing your page. So next time before you spend your money on SEO. Be sure that you have quality content fist!!!