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    What are you up to tonight?

    ICEBERG is the simplest mobile app that allows you find old and discover new friends on an open network.

    You can easily navigate & search for Bars, Clubs, Pub and Lounges. Browsing people in selected venues or in your area who wants to chat and meet new friends.

    Using your iPhone GPS, chat-room and people finder - Your big night out to expand your social net work is all at your finger tips!

    One location, Many destinations.

  • MacFlickr

    Turn your Flickr into a Mac Desktop

    Flickr is well known as one of the most popular photo sharing website. Its clean design and various applications makes people just love it.

    Now MacFlickr makes Flickr even better! MacFlickr gives you a Mac Desktop environment to play with your Flickr photos. You can open multiple windows to browse or edit. It supports drag & drop, hotkeys and more! The best part is, You don't need to install any software. No matter you are a Mac, Windows or Linux user. All you need is just a browser!

The followings are projects we involved

  • jQuery Preload Plugin

    Preload images with jQuery

    There are times that we need to preload images to bring better user experience. You will not want your users to wait for 2 seconds when they hover their mouse over the navigation menu before the background image actually appears; or keep them waiting too long when they switch a slideshow.

    This might be the simplest yet helpful plugin. It's even shorter than this introduction :)

  • jQuery Actual Plugin

    Get the actual width with jQuery

    Older versions of jQuery have trouble finding the width/height of invisible DOM elements. When I say 'invisible' I mean the element or the parent element has css property display set to none.

    There are also some other situations that this plugin comes in handy, please see the documentation for more details.

  • jQuery Secret Plugin

    Hide global objects In Javascript

    Global objects are evil in javascript. Global data can be accessed by every script on the same page. Therefore they can be easily overwritten, especially when you mix your code with others.

    With jQuery Secret plugin, this can be easily solved. Namespace(module) is also supported, more detials please see the following.

  • jQuery Queue Plugin

    Make your Javascript application more flexible

    Javascript is an event-driven programming language. Therefore with heavy frontend applications your code is easy to have nested callbacks. And this make your code less flexible.

    With jQuery Queue plugin you can add functions in a queue outside the function scope; excute the queued functions later. It makes your code easily to be more modularize. It is a must have if you write heavy frontend websites. Check it out now!

  • jQuery Center Plugin

    Centralize your DOM element

    This simple plugin helps you centralize your DOM element against their parent element or the window. You can also specify the top of the DOM element by passing customized settings.

    Check out the documentation to see the installation and usage manual.

  • jQuery MSG Plugin

    A jQuery BlockUI alternative plugin

    Back in the old days we use 'alert('blah blah');' to show users a message or a warning. It is functionable but not pretty. So I used to use BlockUI instead. Later on I found out I don't need all the features it has and I want it to be easiler to customize. So I write my own simpler version called MSG. It can only block the whole window, it has theme suuport, afterBlock and beforeUnblock event, ... etc. It's only 4 kb uncompressed with code comments. Check details on the documentation page.

  • jQuery Atteeeeention Plugin

    Google Image Search style image alignment

    If you have a image gallery with different width and height in each image, your page may look messy. Use this plugin to align your gallery with a 'Google Image Search' style result.

    Don't ask me why I named my plugin like this, I'm just making fun of it. $('#gallery').find('img').atteeeeention(); <-- :D

  • Codeigniter View Library

    Advanced and flexible Codeigniter View library

    Codeigniter is my favorite PHP framework. However the 'view' part of this framework seems a little weak for me. One feature that I miss Symfony is its flexible layout, view and assets management using yaml file.

    Therefore I wrote this view library for codeigniter, you will find this really useful when you have a big project with complex views, multiple css and js files.