A Trip to the states!!!


I was pretty excited for my virgin trip to the States in May. Originally, I went there for attending my younger brother’s graduation, since I’m running a web startup, I decided to take a little adventure to San Jose just being exposed by the web startup atmosphere and hopefully I will be able to find out what the magic is of San Jose. I really appreciate Ricky the CEO of crowdbooster, let us crash at his place. Being the CEO of crowdbooster which is a Y Combinator startup, Ricky is really familiar with everything that is going on right now, and thanks for him we are lucky enough to meet all the other young genius out there!

I have to admit that there is no doubt that San Jose is the original and final destination of internet industry. Talented people around the world all gather here, they are very passionate with what they do and fully believe in themselves that they can be the next big thing. Due to the multinationality, people here have very broad vision. Moreover, their titles are usually incredible, such as programmer/graphic designer/hardware technician, or something like Sales/marketing/concept developer. You will be even more surprised that they are extremely efficient; they can finish the amount of work that others have to spend 3 months in 4 weeks!

After spending a day in Palo Alto, we took a trip to San Francisco for a speech from Justin of Justin.tv. He is not a typical programmer; nonetheless, he has creative ideas and is able to establish his own practice by using his ideas and personality wisely. That reminds me my starting point that I did not know anything about programming but only with the full passion of the internet industry.

Due to the great potential of internet startup, it is really normal of VCs come to teams for investment, and the budget is way more than we can imagine. Most of the team members here are young, they are usually early 20′s, and it really motivates me to push myself hard!! We also took a look of Facebook and Google, but too bad we didn’t know anyone works there, so all we can do was check-in and have some “Facebook” and “Google” candies. Lol

If I use One Piece as metaphor, where we were right now is at East Blue XD, the States is the Grand Line!!!! All the dreams, adventure and fun things are all happening over there, if the goal of being a private is to conquer the Grand Line, then it is essential for internet startup to go to the States! American, I promise I will put my feet on you in THREE years!!!!!!

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