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What have I learned from Startup Weekend

Don’t get it wrong, it’s not a hack day Why and how it works I met James Hill on a RGBA meet up in mid of this year and he invited Felix, ihower and me to join Startup Weekend Taipei … Continue reading

A Trip to the states!!!

I was pretty excited for my virgin trip to the States in May. Originally, I went there for attending my younger brother’s graduation, since I’m running a web startup, I decided to take a little adventure to San Jose just … Continue reading

A breif intro to this lab, the founder and the current project

This Lab DreamersLab was founded in Feb 2009, our goal is to bring desktop user experience to the web. MacFlickr MacFlickr is our current project which has already had a running prototype. “It is a browser base Mac desktop for … Continue reading

Javascript Ninja Wanted!!!

We are looking for Javascript Ninjas who have worked on at least one heavy frontend web application good understanding on these two post – JavaScript Garden, Being a web developer skills in all tiers of the web frontend development html5, … Continue reading

Rails Hacker Wanted!!!

We are looking for Rails hackers who have worked on at least one high-performance web site with Ruby and Rails skills in all tiers of the web application stack ruby, rails SQL html, css haml, sass, compass javascript rewritten code … Continue reading

This new website is finally done :)

This new website is finally done!!! It took me a lot more time than I planned :S I was hoping this could be done in more or less a month, but in the end it took me 3 months in … Continue reading