Javascript Ninja Wanted!!!

We are looking for Javascript Ninjas who

Ninja Romance


  • worked on at least one heavy frontend web application
  • good understanding on these two post – JavaScript Garden, Being a web developer
  • skills in all tiers of the web frontend development
    • html5, CSS3
    • Javascript, jQuery
  • rewritten code to help yourself sleep better at night
  • used git as your source control system


  • read english
  • navigate the command-line in a Linux environment
  • navigate and grok an existing, large code base


  • never say impossible
  • fix your own bug
  • aggressively re-factor the codebase to improve its quality


  • to use your skills to make the world better
  • Mac OS X as your development environment

Little test

  • Create a function that changes the page title with a finished event callback
  • Write your own version of a cross-browser lightbox in jquery plugin format
  • Convert this plugin to a js class

If you are interested in our project please introduce yourself with your code; in other words show me your projects on github or finish the above test and mail to :)

*Edit 2011/09/01

I took the suggestion form the comment to remove the following tools `Haml, Sass, compass` from the request list. However these are the tools that we use everyday and they did speed up our developing time a lot. So if you haven’t heard of them now maybe it’s time to go take a look :)

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